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Ukrainian Wedding Icon #6
Size: 9"x11"
Mother of Kazan' in a wood and glass frame, white and yellow gold plated.
Artwork/ Enamel on this Icon is absolutely beautiful.
Icon purchased in Ukrainian city Vinnitsa, famous for it MIRACLE.
Wedding Pairs of Icons No. 3,4 and No. 5,6 are simillar, made by the same manufacturer, of the same quality, and interchangeable, both pairs are very beautiful. If icons 3,4 are not available in stock, we send 5,6, and vice versa.
The Icons are heavy, cost of shipping is actual, we ship via registered airmail which is expensive. We combine shipping.

Ukrainian Wedding Icon #6 Mother of Kazan' in beautiful Metallic Art/ Enamel. White and yellow gold. Orthodox Church Icon.
Price: US $ 79.99