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Balalaika 3-string ROSEWOOD, $200
(we accept Best offers)

Measurements: 27"1/2 x 16" x 4"1/2.
Made in Ukraine in well-known Chernihiv factory of musical instruments.

BALALAIKA RUSSIAN MUSICAL INSTRUMENT. Condition is beautiful - no chips, no cracks. Originally this instrument has 6 strings but previous owner has 3 strings so you may to add 3 more if necessary and you will have 6-strings instrument.
The previous owner did purchase it 20 or more years ago but he didn't use it often so actually it has not been used almost at all. This is the middle size Balalaika, it is in tune, the sound is very much pure and beautiful, made of high quality rosewood. I guarantee this instrument is in perfect condition, the wood is perfect, no chips, no cracks. It will just necessary to adjust after of delivery. Take a look at photos - you see all pictures are actual and the instrument is very much beautiful. So do not lose an opportunity to get such wonderful instrument for very good price.
SHIPPING COSTS : Airmail shipping to any country worldwide is $55.00. We will pack it well and ship via registered Ukrainian airmail with ability to track the parcel via Internet.

$200, We accept Best Offer
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