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Symbolic meaning of ornaments of Ukrainian embroidered towels

Symbolic of the Sun and Water in embroidered clothing

Symbols of the Sun and Water

For Ukrainian embroidery, frequent use of ornaments that symbolize the Sun and Water is the two main elements that created and sustained life on Earth. Therefore, they are perceived as paternal and maternal energy - solar and water. An octagonal flower or rosette designates the Sun, and the figure in the form of a curled horror is Water.

The Symbol of the Mother

Symbolic of the Mother in embroidered clothing The main symbol of any embroidery towel can be called the Mother's symbol. It looks like an eight-pointed flower or star, around which a symbolic flower garland is depicted. Garland glorifies the Mother, her main role in the continuation and preservation of the family.

Heraldry of hops

Symbolic of hops in embroidered clothing On towels embroidered in central Ukraine and in Podillia, you can often see ornaments depicting hop leaves. This symbolism is considered youth. It means love, youthful enthusiasm and active development. Elements of the ornament depicting hops, resemble the symbol of Water and the bunch of grapes, since the value of the symbol of hops carries in itself a part of the meaning of these symbols. It can be considered a wedding symbol embodying the flow of life and a young family.

Symbolism of a rose

Symbolic of a Rose in embroidered clothing Rose was always loved in Ukraine, considered her a flower of the Sun, and her red color resembled the color of blood - the symbol of life. Ornaments, including flowers and rose leaves, are basically a closed wreath-shaped strip that does not have a beginning and an end, which means an endless life with a constant revival. If a wreath of roses was represented symbolically, in the form of a geometric pattern, roses could be represented by stars collected in an infinite heavenly space.

Kalina is a symbol of the genus

Symbolic of Kalyna in embroidered clothing Kalina is the guardian of the Ukrainian family. This beautiful tree with healing flowers and fruits was planted in every Ukrainian farmstead. It is believed that its name came from the Old Slavonic word "colo" - the so-called Slavs Sun. Juicy red berries of a Kalina, collected in rich heavy clusters, are the symbol of a healthy and immortal race. Ukrainians generously embroidered wedding towels, women's and men's embroideries with wonderful bright red bunches of viburnum.

Symbol of strength - Oak tree

Symbolic of Oak tree in embroidered clothing In pagan times, the god Perun was the most important, formidable and powerful god. His symbol was the oak tree. Since then, the oak is considered a symbol of male energy, strong vitality, invincibility. Clothes, towels and household items of men were adorned with an ornament with an image of an oak, which gave Ukrainian men the strength and courage to defend their own kind.

Mac - a symbol of protection from evil

Symbolic of Mac in embroidered clothing In Ukraine, we have always believed in the magic power of a poppy that protects the family and the economy from evil eye and various ills. Sanctified in the church seeds of poppies showered a hut, a farmstead, household members and domestic animals. The red color of the flower petals symbolized the blood of the dead on the battlefield. Ornament in the form of a poppy flower, a box with seeds, leaves symbolizes its protection from evil forces or the memory of the dead warriors - members of the family. Girls from the family of the deceased warrior wore wreaths woven from seven poppy flowers, which meant their promise to cherish and continue their lineage.

Flowerpot with Bereginya

Symbolic of flowerpot with Bereginya in embroidered clothing One of the strong and effective amulets in Ukrainian embroidery is an ornament depicting a flowerpot with a flowering plant, birds, and Bereginya - a large fairy flower or a woman's figure. This symbol meant amulet, healing, purification from evil, guard magic. Embroider it with red thread, adding black. Red color traditionally symbolizes the sun, as well as fire, cleansing of evil forces.

Grapes symbol

Symbolic of grapes in embroidered clothing Ornament with grapes is spread throughout central Ukraine. In Kiev, Poltava, Chernihiv regions, embroideries and towels are traditionally decorated with large bunches of grapes. And this is not surprising, because the grape ornament symbolizes the creation of the family, its well-being and beauty. The bunch of grapes resembles a family tree with healthy and numerous members of the genus.

Lily - the symbol of femininity

Symbolic of femininity in embroidered clothing A very delicate and fragile lily flower is considered a symbol of maiden's innocence, charm and beauty. Very touching is the ornament itself with lilies, in which you can see a pair of swans - a symbol of sincere love and eternal fidelity. Lily is depicted in a triple form - flower, leaves and bud. It symbolizes the birth of all life, development and infinity. Lily personifies female energy, which is a symbol of Water. This was reflected in the ancient name of the lily - "Krin". In the Ukrainian language it is consonant with the word "krenitsa", which means a well. A sign of water in the ornament with lilies can be the image of drops of dew over the flower.

Symbolism of stars

Symbolic of stars in embroidered clothing The correct geometric ornament, consisting of a large number of stars, applied to the sleeves of embroideries or the edge of towels, symbolizes the established order and harmony that reign in the universe and in the life of each person.

Symbolic rhombuses

Symbolic rhombuses in embroidered clothing Rhombs can be called the most common kind of ornament in the embroidery of Slavic peoples. Of course, in Ukrainian folk embroidery diamonds take a significant place among all the symbols - amulets. Ornaments with diamonds were a strong protective charm, they brought good luck. According to ancient Slavic culture, rhombuses represent the goddess of the Earth, which promotes fertility. This significance of this symbol contributed to its wide distribution and active use in the ornaments of ethnic dress of the Slavic peoples. And now you can see beautiful embroideries on Ukrainians, embroidered with surprisingly rich in fantasy ornaments, based on the symbolism of the rhombus.

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